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Brooks General Contractors, a trusted family-owned construction company in Greensboro, excels in constructing new homes and installing elegant hip roofs. Our roofing services also include replacing existing hipped roofs, offering the option to enhance durability and style with materials like metal roofing, asphalt shingles, and luxury dimensional shingles. Let’s dive into this popular roofing style!

Hip Roofs by Brooks General Contractors

Choosing the right roof type is crucial for every property, and our team prioritizes delivering quality craftsmanship and financing options for services on all pitched roof types, including gable and hip designs. As industry leaders in roofing and construction, we seamlessly blend traditional building techniques with innovative roofing services.

What Is a Hip Roof Design?

This style is defined by its sloping sides meeting at a ridge, creating a gentle slope around the structure. Resembling a pyramid or cone shape, hip roofs feature four sloping faces that converge at a central ridge on the top of the structure. The design often incorporates overhanging eaves, contributing a decorative element and providing extra protection to exterior walls.

Benefits of Hipped Roof Designs

This design benefits North Carolina homeowners and commercial property owners by offering a modern alternative to traditional gable roofs.

Brooks General Contractors: Roofing Company Serving Greensboro and Greater North Carolina

Trust our team for comprehensive solutions in hipped roof construction and replacement, ensuring the perfect blend of functionality and visual allure. Whether you are a commercial property owner or a homeowner, our reliable roofing solutions cater to diverse styles and projects, including hip roofs.

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